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    Every traveler needs the Air Rescue Card

    Thousands of travelers experience unexpected injury and illness annually

    We Bring You Home®, no matter where you are

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    Every traveler needs the Air Rescue Card

    Thousands of travelers experience unexpected injury and illness annually

    Affordable, professional medical air transport when you need it

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    Every traveler needs the Air Rescue Card

    Medical air transport available to citizens of all countries

    No medical history, claim forms, physical examination or hidden fees, just bringing you home.

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How it Works

Wondering what the Air Rescue Card is all about? See how it works.


AIR RESCUE CARD membership provides fully-staffed medical air evacuation for individuals, seniors, students, families and groups. If serious illness or injury occurs while you are 99 miles or more from home, AIR RESCUE CARD membership provides guaranteed medical air evacuation to bring you home, no matter where you are in the world; we'll also bring your family members and dependents home at no extra cost. All travelers, regardless of age or country of citizenship, need the AIR RESCUE CARD. Membership also includes numerous other emergency and non-emergency benefits.

Apply online or give us a call to activate an affordable short-term or long-term membership for immediate or future coverage; no paperwork or medical exams are required.

Real Rescues

The unexpected does happen! Read a sampling of Air Rescue Card member stories.

What if?…

...you were injured while traveling?
Each year, thousands of travelers experience unexpected serious or life-threatening injury or illness. Most credit cards and travel insurance do not provide for emergency medical services abroad, or cover the high cost of medical evacuation back home.

...and appropriate emergency care was unavailable?
In many areas of the world, appropriate medical care for serious illness or injury is inadequate or emergency response is unacceptably slow. Language barriers can also be problematic and confusing.

...you couldn't afford $50,000 or more for a medical air flight home?
Individuals who can't afford the cost of a medical transport home are stranded away from home.

...let's you travel with peace of mind, knowing that we will transport you to an appropriate medical facility when none is available at the time of the problem, guarantee your admittance, provide language translation services, and if you require a medical air evacuation, We Bring You Home®.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Air Rescue Card membership and benefits.

Travel Facts

• Higher death rates occur in overseas hospitals.

• The average cost of medical evacuation is over $50,000.

• 74% of Americans fear a medical emergency while traveling.

• 1 in 30 Americans requires emergency care while traveling.

• Many hospitals do not accept U.S. health insurance, won't provide payment or discharge you until your medical bill is paid in full.

• Many countries require medical evacuation membership before travel.

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