Living Abroad? The Air Rescue Card Has You Covered!

The Air Rescue Card has many members who are Americans taking advantage of long term stays in various countries. The Air Rescue Card recognizes that safety and support are paramount when pursuing these international opportunities.

Studying abroad has become an increasingly popular trend for students seeking a culturally immersive experience to compliment their higher education. This is a particularly enriching experience for students studying a foreign language, and for those who may want to deal in international business upon graduation.

In the professional world, we are also seeing this trend growing as well. Many Americans are staying overseas extensively for international business opportunities, while others are working as educators to teach English in foreign countries. With international trade booming, this trend only looks to grow in coming years.


International Opportunity and Peace of Mind

What do both international students and professionals share in common? The need for a travel evacuation coverage plan. The Air Rescue Card has all expatriates greenlit for the best coverage possible.  

The Air Rescue Card has medical evacuation plan options designed specifically for expatriates and students who live abroad. These annual plans cover unlimited trips throughout the membership term, and each trip may last up to 6, 9, or 12 consecutive months. Members can find the perfect plan based upon their individual budget, as well as the duration of their stay abroad. 

The Air Rescue Card offers membership benefits and plans to travelers of all ages without restrictions or limits. This wide coverage and versatility allows the Air Rescue Card to be utilized by individual travelers, families, and corporations alike. In fact, many international institutions are becoming affiliates of the Air Rescue Card to offer their communities the highest safety and best coverage possible while conducting business around the world.

Planning an extended stay overseas? Contact the Air Rescue Card to find the perfect membership plan for your international adventure! 

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