Travel Evacuation Coverage – We Bring You Home

The Air Rescue Card provides comprehensive travel evacuation coverage programs tailored to your specific needs. These programs ensure that you can travel confidently knowing you will not only be protected in the case of an emergency, but also accommodated in a wide variety ways. Let’s take a look at just a few of the protections you can carry as an Air Rescue Card Member.


The Air Rescue Card – We Bring You Home®

The Air Rescue Card has set the new benchmark in emergency travel evacuation with their signature We Bring You Home® services. This comprehensive travel protection is available for all members traveling anywhere 99 miles or more from their home. If medical treatment is unavailable by a local physician or facility, the Air Rescue Card will transport you to the closest facility for the treatment you need. If you are hospitalized, the ARC medical team will assure the quality of the facility, and determine a need for evacuation.

The ARC team will keep you and your family 100% in the loop on all medical and evacuation options. You can count on ARC covering the entire cost of your hospital-to-hospital transfer, including: ground ambulance between hospital and airfield, air transport, and medical team- all without forms to fill out, or claims to be made.

Another unique benefit of We Bring You Home® coverage is that if the ARC team provides air evacuation/repatriation for you, they will also arrange no-cost flights home for your spouse or domestic partner, and dependent children who are traveling with you. Traveling with a vehicle? ARC will also return your car, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, or other ground vehicle to your permanent residence.

Finally, while none of us can ever prepare for the untimely loss of a loved one, the Air Rescue team does provide the helping hand needed in such a tragedy. If an Air Rescue Card member suffers loss of life while traveling, ARC will arrange and cover the cost of a transport container, and preparation and transportation of the remains to the member’s place of residence or place of burial.

The Perfect Travel Repatriation Plan For You

The Air Rescue Card understands that every traveler has different needs. This is why they provide several options for all of their members. ARC members can sign up for individual, family, senior, or corporate plans. Additionally, they recognize that members may be frequent travelers, while others may stay closer to home for most of the year. For this reason, ARC also provides the flexibility of short terms, annual, and long term memberships- assuring world class protection no matter your lifestyle, budget, or travel habits.

The Air Rescue Card provides around the clock service, so get in touch today to find the perfect plan for you!

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