What is Travel Evacuation Coverage?

Travel evacuation coverage is a comprehensive service which guarantees its members transportation to anywhere in the world amid emergencies. This may sound like traveler insurance, but there are several key differences between travel evacuation coverage and traveler insurance.

The Difference Between Travel Insurance and Travel Evacuation Coverage

Travel insurance will cover things like missed flights, damaged or lost baggage, and some medical treatments; however, in the event of a dire emergency, most travel insurance will not evacuate its members from an area of danger, nor offer transportation stateside for optimal care. The Air Rescue Card travel evacuation coverage is the solution to this dilemma.

The Air Rescue Card travel evacuation coverage ensures that all members have transportation worldwide. If you are overseas, travel evacuation coverage will fly you stateside to get the best service possible. If fact, if you are over 99 miles of home, travel evacuation coverage will transport you to your hometown hospital to be in the care of your primary doctor, and the comfort of your family and friends.

The Air Rescue Card comprehensive travel evacuation plans are available for individuals, families, and corporations alike- making evacuation coverage ideal for all travelers. While evacuation coverage may sound particularly appealing to adventurers traveling to daring destinations, it is actually statistically utilized most for heart attacks and car accidents- emergencies any average person can have the misfortune of being caught in. If you’re interested in learning about how travelers have utilized our services, read real success stories about how the Air Rescue Card has helped travelers in need

How much does travel evacuation coverage cost?

Getting an evacuation coverage plan from the Air Rescue Card is a very modest purchase, and when you consider the alternative, it is easy to see why it’s a great value. To be left to your own devices in the case of an evacuation, you are looking at spending anywhere from a five-figure balance on the modest side, and all the way up to a quarter of a million dollars in medical and transportation expenses.

Considering the low annual rate for such comprehensive care, your decision to join millions of travelers worldwide with evacuation coverage should be a foregone conclusion. But where should you begin? The Air Rescue Card offers amazing around the clock support and takes any guess work out of finding the right plan for solo travelers, families, and corporations alike!

Choose a membership plan with the Air Rescue Card today and enjoy the peace of mind their members carry on every adventure around the world.

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