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Air Rescue Card Plans for Corporations, Associations and Groups

Whether your company develops land in the Philippines, drills for oil in the Middle East, or meets with clients in Chicago, we will customize an Air Rescue Card membership plan to protect you and your employees when you travel.*

Our corporate and group plans include all Air Rescue Card emergency and concierge travel benefits, medical management, evacuation/repatriation, and translation services.

Our competitively-priced plans make good business sense:

• Provide a significant benefit for employees who travel
• Discounted membership rates for groups of 5 or more individuals
• No cap on the number of trips taken during membership period
• Cover both business and leisure travel*
• Include domestic and international travel*
• Cover domestic employees and expatriates
• Easy enrollment, easy renewal
• No-fuss administration, including Air Rescue Cards for each employee covered
• No additional costs beyond membership fee

Contact us to discuss a plan that is designed exclusively to fit the needs of your company or group.

*Medical evacuation and related services are provided when members are 99 miles or more from home.