We are just a call away whenever you need us, 24 hours of every day, including holidays.

our Air Rescue Card benefits are available whenever you are 99 miles or more away from home. The Air Rescue Card Emergency Call Center is staffed with experienced professionals who can answer your questions, cut through global red tape, and get you what you need.

Evacuation to receive medical treatment
If required medical treatment for an acute or life-threatening illness or injury is unavailable by a local physician or facility, we will transport you to the closest facility for the treatment you need.

We Bring You Home®
If you are hospitalized, our medical staff will assess the adequacy of the treating facility and work with the local attending physician to monitor your condition and determine the need for evacuation. We will keep you, your family, and/or employer in the information loop until you can travel We Bring You Home®. We cover the entire cost of your hospital-to-hospital transfer, including ground ambulance between hospital and airfield, air transport, and medical team/attendants, without forms to fill out or claims to be made.

We bring your family home
If we provide air evacuation/repatriation for you, we will also arrange no-cost flights home for your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children who are traveling with you.

Return of mortal remains
Few of us are prepared to deal with the death of a loved one, associate, or employee while traveling. If an Air Rescue Card member suffers loss of life while traveling, we will arrange and cover the cost of a transport container, and preparation and transportation of the remains to the member’s place of residence or place of burial.

We bring your vehicle home
We will also return your car, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, or other ground vehicle to your permanent residence.

866-500-0333 | +1 574-272-5400 | info@theairrescuecard.com
Provide referrals to local preferred providers
We provide contact information and office hours for primary care physicians and other medical specialists (obstetricians, orthopedists, pediatricians, cardiologists, etc.), clinics or hospitals within your travel area. We can also recommend ophthalmologists and dentists; if none are available or recommended, we can refer you to local physicians or hospitals for pain control.

Dispatch physician or nurse
We can dispatch a general practice physician, when available, to your hotel or other location.

Guarantee hospital admission
If a treating facility refuses to admit you without a financial guarantee, we can arrange for an advance or guaranteed payment on your behalf, even when the facility requires financial guarantee from a local company.

Make hotel arrangements for your convalescence
Upon request, the Air Rescue Card Call Center can arrange for hotel/convalescence stay.

Deliver medication or medical supplies
We can arrange for delivery of prescribed medication or blood supply that you require but cannot obtain while traveling.

Replace lost or misplaced medication, eyeglasses or contact lenses
If you find yourself away from home without needed prescription medication, eyeglasses, or contact lenses, we can recommend local resources for replacement or arrange for shipment of a replacement item or its equivalent to you.

866-500-0333 | +1 574-272-5400 | info@theairrescuecard.com
Pre-travel information, health and safety recommendations
See our online Travel Tips or contact the Emergency Call Center before your trip or while you are traveling for up-to-date information regarding visa, passport, and immunization requirements, State Department travel advisories, cultural information, location of embassies and consulates, and currency exchange rates.

Language translation
Not conversant in the local language? Our global network provides telephone interpretation of more than 100 languages to eliminate communication errors.

Arrange for delivery of replacement documents
We can arrange replacement of your lost or stolen passport, driver’s license, and credit cards, and assist with procedures to file loss reports and recover lost or stolen articles.

Arrange emergency cash/bail
In the event your money and credit cards are lost, stolen, or inaccessible while traveling, we can arrange for emergency funds, assist with payment of legal fees, and secure and post bail bonds.

Relay urgent messages
Our Call Center will relay emergency messages between you and your family or colleagues.

Track/compensate for lost luggage
If a commercial carrier loses your luggage, we can help you track it down or compensate you.

Provide referrals to local legal resources
If you require legal assistance while traveling, we can refer you to English-speaking lawyers.

866-500-0333 | +1 574-272-5400 | info@theairrescuecard.com