Real Travel Rescues, Real Stories


Severe Back Pain on the Train

Every year, Chet and Lynette Newmann travel from San Antonio to their daughter’s home in Palm Springs.


Heart Problems at Sea

In 40 years of travel, Howard and Libby Evans had never been to Mexico. So when their local senior center put together a mid-winter cruise to Cabo San Lucas…


No English Spoken by First Aid Personnel

During a rock-climbing expedition in remote Ecuador, Julie Trainor accidentally sliced her index finger with a camp knife.


Injured in a Sightseeing Helicopter Crash

After attending a four-day conference of insurance agents in the Caribbean, Bradley Merchester and two friends were looking forward to seeing the islands from the air.


A Retiree’s Travel Emergency

Hal and Bunny Grant consider nothing better than traveling the country in their 40’ motorhome.


Serious Surfing Injuries

Ryan Loren has a passion for surfing. Growing up in Austin, Texas, he didn’t have much opportunity to hit the waves, but summers spent in Southern California…


A Frightening Fall

Sisters Judy and Chris Spalding enjoy hiking together, but they don’t always agree. “I’m more likely to take risks…


“I travel to Kenya with a group a few times a year to help children in need. It’s a good thing that we switched our travel protection to the Air Rescue Card, because on our most recent trip I broke my arm. I was stabilized and treated at the local hospital. Our trip director called the Air Rescue Card 24-hour hotline and arranged for me to fly home with a medical escort. After reading the fine print from our former travel insurance policy, I realized they wouldn’t have covered my trip home in any fashion or provided a medical escort. I’m so thankful that I was able to come home!”

– Margaret, Sarasota, Florida

“I was supposed to be studying monkeys in Costa Rica for a year, but within two months of my arrival, I slipped on a rock and developed severe pain down my back and lower leg. After checking into a hospital, I contacted the Air Rescue Card Call Center and they reviewed my case with my attending doctors. As it turns out, I had badly herniated a disk. The very next day, they arranged a business-class ticket to get me back home. I am so grateful for the prompt and reliable service.”

– Edward, Salem, MS

“My mom fell down some stairs at a Puerto Vallarta hotel a few months ago. A simple ankle fracture turned into a nightmare. The doctor wanted to put pins in her leg and she developed a nasty infection. Our credit card insurance was worthless, as they would only take her to Guadalajara. Thank God for the Air Rescue Card. A jet was quickly dispatched to take Mom home to San Diego. The doctors at Scripps operated on her leg and she is doing fine. We take our medical care for granted here in the United States. Everybody who travels should have this coverage.”

– Stacey, Seattle, WA

“This summer I purchased an Air Rescue Card annual plan when my wife and I traveled to Mongolia. We didn’t use it there, but we did need it two months later in the Ukraine when she slipped and broke her ankle. The Ukrainian doctors were great, but their technology was limited and the language barrier was difficult. My wife didn’t require an air ambulance, but the Air Rescue Card paid for us to fly home to the U.S. with a English-speaking nurse (who was a great comfort to us) on a commercial aircraft.”

– Marc, Denver, CO

“I never knew about travel coverage until my friend told me about it. It’s scary how much I’ve traveled with zero protection!”

Brian, Toronto, Canada

“Thanks for the excellent coverage. It was lucky that I read a newspaper article about the importance of having medical evacuation coverage. Your service is wonderful.”

– Mary, Trent, U.K.

“I highly recommend that anyone who travels enroll in the Air Rescue Card. My dad had a heart attack in Las Vegas and they had him home with the family within days! It was the best $75 ever invested.”

– Tod, Chicago, IL

“Your service was very personal and I appreciate that very much. I will recommend the Air Rescue Card to travelers. As an ER doctor of many years, I always have a worst-case scenario in mind.”

– Dr. S. Walter, Rockport, MN

“I forgot to renew my Air Rescue Card for my two-week trip from Seattle to Shanghai. I called from the airport just before stepping on the plane and was able to get set up in moments. You have great service on the phone with excellent followthrough. Thank you for making me feel safe while traveling abroad.”

– JoAnne, Renton, WA

“When I broke my back while surfing in Australia, my sister had to refinance her home for the $84,000 cost of an air ambulance to return me to the U.S. With an Air Rescue Card, my trip would have been free.”

– Teddy, St. Louis, MO