Membership Rules & Exclusions

Membership benefits. Benefits are available to members anywhere in the world when they travel 99 miles or more from home.

  • Several plans of differing membership period and cost are available. All benefits and services are provided regardless of the plan chosen.
  • Member services are provided through the Emergency Call Center. We do not reimburse members for expenses that are arranged or provided by other service providers.

Activation. Membership includes the full cost of covered benefits and services, without member deductible or co-pay.

  • Membership is available to individuals of any age; children under the age of 18 must be enrolled by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Membership activation requires payment in full, and an individual’s acceptance of these rules and plan exclusions.
  • We reserve the right to change membership plan rates at any time; current memberships will not be affected by any such rate change.
  • Membership becomes effective on the “start date” specified by the member during enrollment, and ceases on the “end date” specified during enrollment.
  • A member’s “home address” is the primary place of residence provided during enrollment or subsequently amended in writing or online by the member. A member’s “home country” is the country of the residence address provided. Members who change their home address during a membership period must update the information online or notify our Customer Service Center.
  • Membership may not be transferred.

Plan eligibility. “Individual Plan” covers one person under age 75. “Family Plan” membership is restricted to spouses/domestic partners under the age of 75 and their dependent children, including those of college age (if they are covered under domestic health or primary member still claims them as a dependent.) “Senior Plan” membership is restricted to individuals age 75 and over.

Plan length. Short-term plans cover consecutive travel days. “Annual” plans cover unlimited trips throughout the term of membership; each trip may last up to 90 days. “Long-term” plans cover unlimited trips throughout the term of membership; each trip may last up to 180, 270, or 365 consecutive days, depending on the specific plan purchased.

Notification of travel. Annual and long-term plan members are not required to notify the Air Rescue Card of travel dates during a membership period.

Renewal. Individuals may renew membership on the Air Rescue Card website or by contacting our Customer Service Center. Members who enroll in annual or long-term plans may request automatic renewal, which will continue membership in a plan of the same type and length for which they previously enrolled, with no lapse in coverage (members will receive notification of renewal). Current membership prices, as posted on the Air Rescue Card website, will apply to all plan renewals.

Cancellation. Members may provide written notification via email, letter or fax. We will refund membership amount in full when notified prior to a member’s plan start date. Generally, membership is nonrefundable when cancellation is made after a plan’s start date. However, when possible, we will prorate a cancelled plan to reflect the cost of a shorter-term plan, and refund the difference.

Member hospitalization. Upon notification that a member is hospitalized or requires medical monitoring, we will contact the treating physician, and judge the adequacy of the treating facility to determine the need for transfer or evacuation.

We will arrange for advance payment or financial guarantee, including guarantee by a local company, when required by a treating facility as a condition of admission or treatment. Payment depends on the availability of funds through a member’s employer, primary insurance carrier or other financial means. We also arrange discharge planning as part of a member’s case management.

Medical Evacuation

When the attending physician and our medical staff determine that adequate medical treatment is unavailable for a member who has an unforeseen and acute or life-threatening illness or injury, we will transport that member to the closest facility capable of providing treatment. Member evacuations must be coordinated by the Air Rescue Card Emergency Call Center.

Medical Repatriation

We Bring You Home® if you are hospitalized for a serious injury or illness while traveling, and the local attending legally qualified physician and Air Rescue Card medical personnel determine that it is medically necessary for you to return home for continued treatment.

  • Repatriations must be coordinated by the Air Rescue Card Emergency Call Center.
  • We transport you to the hospital or medical facility closest to your home that can provide the treatment you need.
  • We will transport you via air ambulance with authorized medical personnel if the local attending legally qualified physician and Air Rescue Card medical personnel determine you are unable to return home via commercial airliner. Your spouse, domestic partner or one other traveling companion may accompany you at no cost if space is available. If space is unavailable, we will arrange for and cover the cost for their one-way trip home.
  • If transport by air ambulance is medically unnecessary, we will provide one-way Economy transportation with a medical escort on the most direct and economical commercial carrier. We will secure a Business Class seat, when available, if recommended and verified in writing by the attending legally qualified physician. We will also provide one-way Economy class transport at no cost for your spouse, domestic partner or one other traveling companion.
  • Return of dependent children. We will also return your dependent children under the age of 18 to your primary residence, accompanied by an escorting attendant, if necessary.
  • Members who travel internationally must have a valid passport, visa or other required documentation to return to their home country.

Evacuation/repatriation is not provided for members who have non-serious injuries or illness that can be treated locally and do not interfere with a member’s ability to continue his/her trip, or travel home without additional medical attention.

Limitations of Membership Benefits

Return of mortal remains. Membership includes the cost of a minimally necessary casket or air tray, preparation and transportation of the member’s remains to the place of residence or place of burial.

Vehicle return. Membership includes up to $1,000 for the cost of fuel, oil, driver and tolls for a vehicle return service to return your car, recreational vehicle, motorcycle or other ground vehicle to your permanent residence. (Vehicle must be capable of safe operation.)

Lost luggage. If a commercial carrier loses your luggage, we will utilize all reasonable means to track it down and update you. We will provide compensation up to $60 USD per kilo, not to exceed $1,200 per member per trip. (Certain conditions must be met to qualify for payment, which will be secondary to compensation paid by the commercial carrier.)

Referral of services. Upon your request, we will provide referrals for the following services; members are responsible for all third-party fees.

  • Referral to local preferred providers, including physicians, allergists, cardiologists, pediatricians and other medical specialists; and clinics or hospitals.
  • Referral to dentists and facilities that provide emergency dental care. When appropriate, we will provide referrals to physicians or hospitals for pain control.
  • Referral to English-speaking lawyers for assistance (upon your written request) that does not involve a felony and is not related to your business or occupation while traveling in a foreign country.

Arrangement of services. Upon your request, we will arrange for the following services on your behalf. You are responsible for any and all third-party fees.

  • Dispatch of a general practice physician, when available, to a member’s hotel or other location. If no physician is available, we make other arrangements and offer other options.
  • Replacement of lost or misplaced medication, eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Identify local resources for replacement of lost medication, prescription eyeglass or contact lenses, or arranging prompt shipment of the item or its equivalent.
  • Arrange for lawful shipment of needed medications, medical devices, medical equipment or blood supply that is unavailable locally.
  • Arrange for hotel convalescence stay and advance payment, when required.
  • Coordinate replacement of lost or stolen passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards or other documents. We will also assist with procedures to file loss reports and to recover lost or stolen articles.
  • Arrange for emergency funds when a member’s money and credit cards are lost, stolen or inaccessible due to banking holidays or other situations. We will also assist with payment of legal fees, and secure and post bail bonds for members, when required. (Disbursement of funds depends on the availability of funds available on a member’s personal credit card.)

Coverage Exclusions

Benefits are not payable for sickness, injuries, or losses of a member:

  • Due to a pre-existing condition that has been diagnosed or treated, including prescribed medication by a healthcare provider, within six months prior to the commencement of Air Rescue Card membership.
  • Due to normal childbirth, normal pregnancy through the first six months of pregnancy or voluntarily induced abortion.
  • While participating in maneuvers or training exercises of an armed service.
  • While riding, driving or participating in races, or contests involving speed or endurance.
  • While mountaineering (engaging in the sport of scaling mountains, generally requiring the use of picks, ropes, or other special equipment).
  • While participating in skydiving, hang gliding, bungee cord jumping, scuba diving, or deep sea diving.
  • While participating as a member of a team in a professional sporting competition.
  • Occurring as a result or consequence of being intoxicated or under the influence of any controlled substance unless administered on the advice of a legally qualified physician.
  • Resulting from suicide, attempted suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted injury.
  • Resulting from an act of war.
  • Resulting from an injury or illness for which a contributory cause was the commission of or attempt to commit a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation.

The Air Rescue Card is solely responsible for the interpretation and application of the above rules and exclusions and reserves the right to change or amend these rules and exclusions at any time. All determinations by the Air Rescue Card shall be final and conclusive in each case.