No One Expects the Unexpected When Traveling

Few travelers expect a health crisis while they are abroad, yet every year, thousands of travelers suffer heart attack, stroke, infection, complex fractures, or other serious illness or injury. Many fall prey to traffic accidents in foreign countries—the most common cause of nonfatal injuries that requires emergency transport back to the U.S. Travelers who prefer to be treated back home or who find foreign emergency care inadequate are often forced to remortgage, deplete savings, or borrow to pay $50-$150,000 for air evacuation back to the United States—or they remain stranded away from home.

The Air Rescue Card gives you peace of mind, providing domestic and international medical air transport to every corner of the world. Compare Services

“I used to carry travel insurance until I found out how limited the coverage is. I now carry the Air Rescue Card and I recommend it to all of our patients who travel. It is the best medical evacuation coverage I have found.” – Dr. L. Boshka, Los Angeles, CA

10 Reasons Why Every Traveler Needs the Air Rescue Card

  1. If you become seriously injured or ill and adequate care is unavailable, we will transport you to an appropriate facility where you can be treated.
  2. If you are hospitalized and require further hospitalization, we will provide medical air transport to your hometown hospital or medical facility.
  3. We will bring your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children home as well.
  4. Travel, health, and credit card policies typically do not cover medical evacuation or repatriation.
  5. The U.S. State Department, Centers for Disease Control, and travel experts recommend evacuation protection.
  6. Membership is available to citizens of all countries.
  7. Air Rescue Card membership options are competitively priced to fit individual, family, expatriate and business needs.
  8. Air Rescue Card membership is straightforward and simple:
    • No medical history
    • No claim forms
    • No hidden fees
    • No physical examination
  9. Our “no restriction” benefits are unmatched:
    • No age restrictions
    • No limit on the number of trips during a membership period
    • No limit on the number of medical evacuations during a membership period
    • No limit on the number of medical evacuations during a membership period
    • No caps on medical evacuation costs or emergency services
  10. Our track record speaks for itself.